Welcome to DG Demolition, We are specialist in general demolition, excavating, grading, rubble removal service, tree cutting, concrete removal, and roof removal with experience and equipment to do what needs to be done the right way. Attending to residents of the County of Los Angeles and the surrounding areas, our years of experience enable us to understand and anticipate our costumer’s needs before they do. What ever your demolition requirements are, DG Demolition, services can do the best job. Do you have a demolition project in mind? excavating or grading job, we are all for that and encourage you to make sure we do a quality job that is to YOUR satisfaction! Our experience and superior work ethic is the reason we’ve been exceeding our costumer’s expectations. If you’re looking for demolition services in Los Angeles consider using DG Demolition Company for your next project.

Why Choose Us?

DG Demolition is a High Quality Demoition ervice in Los Angeles! We ensure that your demolition is handled perfectly from start to finish. We provide reliable on-time services, satisfying our costumers is our top priority! We are specialist in demolition, excavating, grading, rubble removal, concrete removal and tree cutting services with experience and equipment to do what needs to be done. With our experience ans superior work ethic we will meet your expectations and guarantee your satisfaction.

DG Demolition also assures you that our work is always neat and clean from start to finish.

   About Us

DG Demmolition is a full service demolition contractor. We perform complete building  demolition, interior/selective demolition. We thrive doing the difficult job and unique jobs that our competitors don’t want to or know how to handle. Our goal is for all our employees to be cross-trained to handle the variety of projects. This philosophy maximizes the use of our resources and attracts the top talent in the demolition industry. Building demolition is our core market. Commercial structures, retail structure, industrial plants, hospitals, parking garages, schools and houses.

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